Thursday, May 21, 2009

The food of San Francisco/Napa

Last week I returned to San Francisco, my home of six years. It was there I fell in love with food and holistic health.

In SF, it's hard to find a restaurant that doesn't support family farms or care about sustainability. It's also a place where having a gluten sensitivity isn't a big deal. So what better place to relax and enjoy the food.

Here are some highlights from my trip.

A beautiful wild salad at ubuntu. This restaurant in Napa, CA, operates a yoga studio and gathers its own greens from its garden. [Can you see why I had to visit?] I was surprised the salad was served without any dressing, but it seemed to work. Must try the house-made olives here. Delicious!

The most elaborate polenta dish I've ever had at - or perhaps I should say organic yellow corn grits from arbuckle infused with goat's milk whey

At the Alemany Farmers Market on Saturday morning

Oh, how I miss tamales. This treat comes from the All Star Tamales stand at the farmers market. A bargain too - each one is just $2.50!

Napa wouldn't be complete without a wine tasting. Here I am at Mumm Napa, enjoying some sparkling wine.

Food tray from Mumm Napa - features membrillo, farm cheeses, spiced nuts, chocolate covered cherries, strawberries and more

A picture of the first ribs I've ever eaten. I don't think it will be my last.

Vegetable Masala Curry from Flora - a great restaurant in Oakland, CA

At Tacqueria Cancun - an old favorite in the heart of the Mission district with an old friend, Lisa, and her father

Didn't go here, but wish I did. Too much food. Too little time.

Special thanks to my Bay Area friends for shuttling me around and making this culinary feast possible. And also, arranging a great bachelor party. [I'm getting married in just two weeks!]


Bryan said...

Two experiences with Spork.
First I mistakenly grew very excited when walking down the street and spotting a restaurant called "pork" it was only a few steps later I saw the "S".

Second I peered through the window and saw no sporks in the place setting. Do they bring you a spork with your menu?

Ameet Maturu said...

Hey Bryan,

That's a funny observation. You should call them out on it.

Conny said...

Have you been to "Spork" yet?
It's a great place!
@Bryan: they have some sporks for dessert, I think ;o)

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