Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finding balance: Head versus body

I've always been interested in the struggle between our heads and our bodies.

As a health counselor, I tend to work for a lot of smart folks. People who know their stuff, are competent, brainy, and get the respect of their peers. It is this very strength of their that has led them to much success in their young life - a good education, and a respectable well-paying career. They tend to be hard-working, productive and more than willing to sacrifice the demands of their bodies.

One of my clients, for example, often skips meals. She works from home, starting her day with a cup of coffee and getting in front of her computer (no breakfast). When lunchtime nears, she'd often forgo it, opting for another hour of 'productive time.'

She continued this practice for months, sacrificing the needs of her body. Why? My guess is because she could get away with it. It was only until she became concerned with her weight that she requested my support.

It is important to remember that our bodies, like a car, need regular maintenance to keep running. After recognizing her problem, my client is now on the path to better health - limiting her computer usage and learning how to prepare some simple meals for herself. Practicing this self-care is what I try to teach my clients.

Our heads can help us balance our checkbook, but sometimes stand in the way of our health. Can you think of any other examples of where your head got in the way of what you truly wanted for yourself?

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Anya said...

I see the same thing in my tarot coaching work--people get very wrapped up in their thoughts, beliefs, and worries, and tune out of the really obvious simple messages of their heart and gut. It's pretty challenging to have head, heart, and gut all working together! Eating real food certainly helps.

Thanks for your thoughtful blog posts!

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