Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recipe: Salmon, Sweet Potatoes & Kale

I love it when a dish comes together without doing all that much planning. This dish was made from a few basic ingredients that I like to keep in the house - namely some frozen fish, root vegetables, and dark leafy greens.

Sometimes a meal can be comprised of three simple dishes, rather than one complex one. It's the way I like to cook and recommend trying it for those that get turned off by elaborate recipes. This meal only took about 30 minutes to make.

To prepare I first diced the sweet potatoes. I coated them in olive oil and thyme and roasted in the oven for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, I sauteed some kale with olive oil and garlic. And lastly seared the wild salmon on a cast iron pan with some coconut oil, cooking 5 minutes on each side.

That's it. Dinner is served.


notyet100 said...

yummy platter,.//

Tangled Noodle said...

These are seriously 3 of my favorite foods! A beautifully simple meal!

Jaya said...

Sweet potato and kale are like unlikely lovers.. they end up together somehow and then I wonder how they were ever apart. This looks great - cant' wait to try it out!

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