Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inside Look: March Newsletter

Want to stay in touch with Rice of Life, but just aren't comfortable with the whole 'blog thing?' Good news! I have a solution: my monthly newsletter.

Each month I compile the top stories from Rice of Life and zap it to you inbox. I also write a short letter on whatever is top of mind. In my March newsletter (sent out today), I write about what I'm craving. Here's the full text:
Dear Reader,

It's the middle of March and I find myself craving two things: protein and Indian food.

As a health counselor, this observation is not just a passing thought, but a statement worthy of introspection. Our cravings come from our bodies, and when satisfied, keep us in balance.

Sometimes cravings stem from nutritional deficiencies. Sometimes from the seasons. Sometimes they are a little bit of both - like my craving for protein.

As few foods grow this time of year in New York, it is only natural for my body to crave earthy, dense foods, like protein. As a result, I've been finding myself craving lots of animal foods, dairy, beans, and legumes.

As for my craving for Indian food. Well, I'm Indian [huge surprise] - and this is my comfort food. The economy can continue to perform as it has, as long as I have my chana masala!

If you're interested in exploring your cravings for protein, I suggest attending my upcoming class "Expand your Protein Repertoire" on March 22 in Brooklyn, NY. Or call me at 917-804-9358 to setup a complimentary health consultation ($75 value).

And if you have any questions or thoughts, please send them over. I'd love to hear from you!


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