Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simple wisdom: The power of gratitude

I keep a rock in my pocket. But it is no ordinary one. It is my gratitude rock. And every time I touch it I state something I am grateful for.

Today for example:
"I am grateful that I can afford to live in New York City"
"I am grateful that my mom's flight to India left on time"
"I am grateful for the Park Slope Food Co-op where I buy my food"
I started this practice ever since watching the movie The Secret two years ago. And as corny as it may seem, it is a practice I find hard to live without.

I touch it multiple times a day, usually when I enter or leave my apartment. Upon contact, I pause and regardless of my mood, reflect on something I am grateful for in that moment. Which is not always easy to do. Especially when I am in hurry or frustrated with someone or something.

Yet, it is especially those times that make this practice worthwhile. It forces me to shift my perspective and realize that everything is actually okay.

Another way to think about gratitude is with the simple question of "What is new and good?" I like to ask this at the beginning of all my client sessions. Yet unlike most casual conversation, I really want to know!

The reason for that is so much of our progress is perceived. I see my clients do many amazing things, from starting to cook for themselves, to getting off prescription medication. Yet they'll continue to focus on the 10 lbs they still haven't lost, which results in more stress, and guess what, often leads to more weight gain.

Now if we instead choose to focus on the progress, e.g. the cooking and getting off the meds, we start to believe that yes, we can also lose the 10 lbs. And before you know it, it's done.

Seem too easy? Good, cause it should.

So let's get started. What are you grateful for?


Trupti said...

I'm grateful for many things, especially my family- then there are the other things that I take for granted...Thanks for the reminder.

Happy Holidays!

Ameet said...

Thanks Trupti for sharing. I am sure your family is also grateful for you...especially after looking at all that yummy food you post on your blog.

Happy Holidays! said...

I love the idea! I'm grateful to have a loving family, a great group of friends and a loving fiance'. That support helps me push harder.

Great blog, Ameet!


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