Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When life gives you free pizza

Dear friends, I too am human.

This weekend I went down to Pennsylvania to help my candidate become the next president of the United States. In the process I found myself eating foods that I would have normally avoided - pizza, cold cuts, bagels, etc. With few hours remaining until polls close, it can be hard to be a purist.

Usually these foods do not sit well with me, but when I was out there in front of others, cheered on by fellow supporters it didn't seem to matter. I was so stimulated and nourished by life, that food was secondary.

I've worked with many people who attempt to perfect their diet, only to find it was causing more stress than it was worth. Which is why most fad diets rarely work in the long-term. Sometimes it is important to go along with the flow of life, instead of fighting against it. Especially, when I would be back in my kitchen come Tuesday.

Anyway, I hope everyone makes it out to vote today! I will be watching the election results tonight with some friends in Brooklyn.

On the menu: Arugula. Lots of it.

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Claudia Davila (Fran) said...

Hi Ameet!

You've touched on a topic that I myself am coming to realize -- that it's how we ingest life's experiences that makes us feel good or bad, with food being secondary! I've often wondered why there are some people who can eat all the foods I try to avoid as a health nut, who drink and even smoke, and live a long and happy life, compared to some who seem plagued by illnesses no matter how healthy their lifestyle and diet is. So much has to do with the heart and mind and spirit. The healthiest meal eaten in a stressful environment will undoubtedly cause indigestion; just as your pizza during a jubilant time caused you no problems :-)

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