Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making time for the important stuff

I hate to admit it, but I am a procrastinator. Especially when it comes to the important stuff with my business - setting up classes or sitting down to write up a long term plan. Yet, I always seem to find time to catch up on email or check my friends status updates on Facebook.

I was reminded of this paradox the other day when reviewing the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The author, Steven Covey, talks about how all of life's activities can be divided into four quadrants, based on importance and urgency.

In quadrant 1, we have the fire drills, deadline-driven projects that requires our immediate attention and response. In quadrant 2, we have the non-pressing activities that set us up for success in the long run. In quadrant 3, we have the urgent phone calls, emails, and text messages that demand a reply. In quadrant 4, we have the time wasting, unproductive stuff (i.e. basically, most of what we do on the Internet).

For many of us, most of our time is spent in quadrants 1, 3, and 4. As a result we keep busy, but fall short of what we truly want to accomplish. According to Covey, "Quadrant 2 is the heart of effective personal management. It deals with things like building relationships, long-range planning, preventative maintenance, preparation - all those things we need to do, but somehow seldom get around to doing, because they aren't urgent."

It is important to realize this phenomenon of putting off what we truly need isn't limited to the business world. It also extends to our health and well-being.

How long have you put off going to that yoga class? Cooking a nice meal for yourself? Or contacting that well-meaning holistic health counselor, whose blog you religiously read? [Sorry, I sensed an opportunity]

Old age doesn't have to be about senility and joint pain. It can be a continuation of a great life. All we need to do is make our health a priority now. That's what I do as a holistic health counselor. I help individuals develop healthy habits for life, empowering them to care for themselves naturally.

I'm gonna put more time and energy into quadrant 2. Want to join me?

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Dani Spies said...

YES!! I want to join:) Procrastination is my biggest obstacle! I love Stephen Covey's 7 habits... it's a go to book for me!

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