Monday, October 27, 2008

Reminder: Go for a walk, it's nice outside

It is a beautiful day in New York - 63 degrees and sunny. The air is cool and crisp. Jacket optional. It is a day like this I long for - especially in the blazing month of August and the frigid days of February.

So why then do I find myself in front of the computer? Why am I not outside enjoying the weather?

The quick answer: "I've got stuff to do." You know classes to schedule, a blog to update, articles to write. Not to mention keeping up with my Facebook life and the presidential election. It is easy to get sucked in.

Around noon though, I noticed I was becoming overwhelmed with it all. So I decided to humor the thought of going outside. I left my home office and trusted my feet to take me where I needed to go. They headed east, towards Prospect Park.

When in the park I instantly felt a sense of calm. Instead of my to-do list, I began to focus on the colorful autumn leaves. I also noticed myself smiling and sharing a moment with other Brooklynites who were enjoying the weather. I had slowed down. I had become present.

In our busy lives it is easy to think we don't have time for a simple walk. Yet, I have always found these walks to 'add time.' They've given me much needed perspective, often hard to find when you are staring in front of a computer screen. They've also given me a strong grounding and faith that I am exactly where I need to be and that everything is okay.

Come to think of it, I can't think of another 30 or 40 minutes better spent.

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