Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A halloween without Hershey's?

Chin up, fellow health nut. It's unlikely you'll find many of any Dancing Stars Chunks of Energy being given out this Halloween. Despite all the gains we've made, Oct 31, still belongs to our sugar-craving, pagan-loving children.

I'll admit, I use to be one of them. If someone tried pulling an apple, raisins, or anything remotely healthy on me, it would probably find its way to the wastebasket. Even a cookie or other homemade treat would likely be tossed. After all, didn't we need to worry about some scary mom putting razor blades in her food? I put my faith in the US confectionery industry. My favorites: Reeses peanut butter cups, Snickers, and Almond Joy. Special kindness was given to families that gave me more than one piece.

Now a halloween veteran, I must admit my tastes have changed. I find these conventional, mass produced sweets to be too sweet. I find the good stuff to be that which doesn't come in a wrapper. My Dancing Star chunks, for example, can be found in the bulk bin section at most natural foods stores. My favorites at the Park Slope Food Co-op are the Chocolate Almond Chip flavor and the Raw Goji Berry Cacao ones. The later is sweetened by dates, so you won't miss the sugar.

It might not be green Kool Aid, but I imagine your kids will love them too.


Sharon said...

I used to cringe when someone tried to drop an apple in my halloween bag! :) This year I wanted to make something healthy yet still sweet for the kids; unfortunately, others brought to my attention the razor-blade fear, and noted that anything I made would most likely end up in the trash. What a shame! PS. I feel like I saw you two weekends ago when I was in brooklyn, but was too chicken to say HI should I have mistaken someone else for you!

Ameet Maturu said...

Hi Sharon,

I wonder if the razor blade candy lady is just an urban legend, probably perpetuated by the confectionery industry. Perhaps though getting good food tossed in the trash is better than junk food being consumed in the body. So maybe it's not so bad. :)

Oh, and how interesting that you think you spotted me. Where was I?

Michael said...

I am the creator and seller of Chunks of energy and appreciate your positive comments. My goal was to have a product that was low in sweetners, high in protein, dairy free and most important low in cost(about 1/2 cost of packaged energy bars) and no bar wrappers. I raised 3 daughters on Chunks of energy for 15 years and it energized them for high school cross country, tennis and soccer.

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