Monday, September 8, 2008

Popcorn, revisited

I found these colorful kernels of popcorn quietly tucked away in the bulk foods aisle of the East 4th Street Co-op today. The kid in me lit up - imagining a bowl full of popped red, yellow and purple goodness. To my dismay this was not the case, yet freshly made popcorn is still a treat.

I didn't have much a thing for popcorn until the last year. That's when my lovely partner, Swati, introduced me to making it on the stovetop. I was amazed at how light and perfect this snack can be.

It is so naturally easy and convenient - makes you wonder why we settled for the microwavable kind. All you need is an a medium sized pot (with lid), olive oil and salt.


Take your pot. Place it over high heat with a little bit of olive oil and ONE popcorn kernel. Cover your pot. Now wait until you hear the kernel pop. This means the pot is hot enough.

Open lid and remove kernel carefully. Then immediately place as much as 1/2 cup popcorn kernels in the pot (no more or the pot will overflow). Cover pot and shake kernels vigorously every 5 seconds or so (to prevent burning). You'll then start to hear kernels popping. Continue shaking until popping sound dissipates. Remove from heat.

Transfer popped kernels to bowl. Add olive oil and salt to taste.

Now perhaps I should suggest a movie....

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Angela Davis said...

I love stovetop popcorn! I find that coconut oil is great oil to use for making popcorn. It has a higher smoke point than olive oil (won't burn as easily) and if you use extra virgin you get a nice coconut taste.

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