Monday, September 15, 2008

$30 million reasons to love high fructose corn syrup

A Washington trade group, the Corn Refiners Association, has recently launched a $30M advertising campaign to win back the hearts and stomachs of consumers who have been turned off by their High Fructose Corn Syrup product (HFCS) product.

If I were to channel my inner food marketer, it would go something like this...

Top $10 Reasons why you should love HFCS

1. It makes your soda taste, you know, more cok-ey

2. It keeps high paying 'sugar tech' jobs in the USA

3. We are tired of selling you aspartame.

4. It is 100% American. Even Michael Pollan likes corn.

5. If you can't understand it, you should just eat it

6. If you don't eat it, we will have to sell it to someone else.

7. Are you really ready for stevia?

8. It makes this country safe from politically unstable sugar nations.

9. It tastes better than ethanol

10. No trans-fats. Zero!

Any other points I am missing?

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