Friday, August 22, 2008

What we can learn from a wine snob

You know how to identify them: the swirl of the glass, the slow dip of the nose, the long contemplative sip, and finally the self-important verdict.

Seems like a bad episode of Frasier. Pretentious!

Or so I thought. Until recently when our French visitor, Stephanie, brought over a bottle of Bordeaux wine from her country. We served it with dinner and could instantly smell the complex bouquet of the wine. [No swirl necessary] It was very fragrant, rich, oaky. I instantly knew this would be something I would want to savor. I slowed down. I smelled. I tasted the wine. It was amazing!

At that moment, something shifted. We all got present. We enjoyed our food and each other's company. It was literally one of the best evenings we've had in some time.

It is important to note that it was not the wine itself that took us there. Yeah, how much did you drink, anyway? Simply, the wine enabled us to get present.

The same enjoyment and appreciation can be had with any meal. All it takes is the ability to slow down and engage our senses. Next time you sit down to eat consider the presentation of your food. Close your eyes and take in the smell, taste and texture of the food. It easiest to do this with minimal distractions. So put away the book, magazine. Shut off the television.

And if you are dining with someone have them try this too. All of this will greatly enhance your experience of the meal...and each other.


Loucindy said...

Probably not the point, but I can't help but wonder what bottle of wine you were drinking... :)

Ameet Maturu said...

Hi Loucindy - You know it's a great question. I just wrote to my friend Stephanie to find out. Hopefully, she has a good memory!

Ameet Maturu said...

I just heard from my friend Stephanie, here is her response:

The wine I brought you was called "Pessac Leognan". It's the name of a town close to Bordeaux. It's not very famous internationally nor even in France but it's very popular among the locals (Bordelais).

I haven't checked my local wine shops, but I see you can find some at Pessac Leognan at Let me know if you're able to track down a bottle.

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