Monday, June 23, 2008

What is holistic health counseling?

Two years ago I became a holistic health counselor. Five years ago I wouldn't have been able to answer this very question.

I thought if someone was physically ill, they went to see a doctor.
If they were mentally ill, they went to see a therapist.
If they needed to lose weight, they went to a nutritionist.
Holistic Health Counselor? That would have drawn a blank.

Sometimes a specialist is necessary. Like a doctor for emergency surgery. Or a therapist, if I'm dealing with the loss of a loved one. Or a nutritionist, if I want to go on a detox or drastically lose weight.

But what about someone who is looking for some healing that is a little more subtle? Someone who is 'fine' but simply doesn't look and feel their best. Someone who wants to get better, but just needs a little support. Someone who knows that something is intuitively 'wrong.'

Those are the individuals I feel are best served by a holistic health counselor (or at least me). These individuals take a long-term perspective and are not just trying to lose weight to get in a swimsuit by summer.

They want to look better, sure. But more than that they want to feel better from the inside-out.

My clients cite more energy, peace and satisfaction with their lives. To learn more visit my website.

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