Monday, June 30, 2008

The upside of a rainy day

It was cloudy yesterday in Brooklyn. And rainy. My Sunday plan of spending some time outdoors was ruined. I was bummed.

Moments later I had a phone session with a client. She had expressed disappointment of being passed over for a promotion. The news happened earlier in the week, and she was still disappointed. I asked her to think "how might this incident be serving you?" At first she was confused, didn't quite get it. So I asked her to consider what comes with a promotion. More compensation, sure. But also more responsibility and stress, which she already had a lot of in her life. I told her that maybe this was an opportunity for her to get a handle on her current workload. You could even call it a gift. She instantly felt more at peace.

So often our disappointment comes from not seeing the bigger picture. I tried to apply this same perspective to my own life. How might my rainy day might be serving me? Well, it gave me the opportunity to take care of some things I had been putting off - phone calls, writing in my blog, reading, etc. But it also would be a benefit to my farm! As a member of the Park Slope CSA, I get a fractional portion of whatever my farm harvests for the season. So perhaps this will lead to more strawberries! Or zucchini! Instantly I too was at peace. :)


Priya said...

Rainy days always remind me of how I taught about rain to my toddler.

Got used to the walk at park, my son wanted to go out. But it was raining like anything outside. How would you teach a 15 months old about rain? I told him, "god is pouring a big pot of water down". He replied, "Then tell him to stop. Let's go for a walk" :)


Ameet Maturu said...

hi priya, thanks for your comment. i'd actually ask your son the same question..."how might the rain be serving you?" or "what are the good things that come with rain?" i think you'll be surprised with what comes out.

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